Mac & Me

D: Stewart Raffill
Guild (R. J. Louis)
US 1988
99 mins
Science Fiction
W: Steven Feke & Stewart Raffill
DP: Nick McLean
Ed: Tom Walls
Mus: Alan Silvestri
Pd: W. Stewart Campbell
Jade Calegory (Eric Cruise), Jonathan Ward (Michael Cruise), Christine Ebersole (Michael Cruise), Katrina Caspary (Courtney), Lauren Stanley (Debbie), Ronald McDonald (himself)
Pathetic E.T. ripoff that makes no attempt to be subtle with, what can only be described as, theft.
An alien (inextricably named after a sandwich) becomes stranded on Earth and befriends a wheelchair-bound young boy until it can become reunited with its family, in order to survive in Earth's atmosphere, the Mysterious Alien Creature must drink a certain brand of carbonate drink and eat a certain brand of fast food for sustenance. It becomes an insult to intelligence when a scene set in McDonald's features customers performing a choreographed dance sequence for absolutely no reason! I can't speak for everyone, but this always happens whenever I nip into one of their branches for a milkshake.
Everything about this production is below standard, with poor performances, ridiculous dialogue and creature design which is so bad, they shouldn't have even reached the development phase.
It is not a pleasure to proclaim this one of the worst films ever made, Jade Calegory, the film's lead actor, was a spina bifida sufferer confined to a wheelchair in real life, and his performance is the only decent thing about the film, if you can call it that. It's really a 99 minute advert for fast food and not much more.

Mac & Me
Mac & Me