The Losers

Anyone else would be dead by now
Anyone else would be dead by now


D: Sylvain White
Warner Bros./Dark Castle (Joel Silver, Akiva Goldsman & Kerry Foster)
US 2010
93 mins
W: Peter Berg & James Vanderbilt [based on the DC comics]
DP: Scott Kevan
Ed: David Checel
Mus: John Ottman
Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Lt. Col. Franklin Clay), Zoë Saldana (Aisha Al-Fadhil), Chris Evans (Cpt. Jake Jensen), Idris Elba (Cpt. William Roque), Columbus Short (Sgt. Linwood 'Pooch' Porteous), Oscar Jaenada (Sgt. Carlos 'Cougar' Alvarez), Jason Patric (Max)
Though it may be based on a series of DC comics, this is closer to The A Team than the 2011 adaptation of the TV show ever dared to tread.
The characters are incredibly similar, as is their predicament; as an elite group of soldiers, they are set up to fail a mission and left for dead in Bolivia by their CIA superiors, only to sneak back onto US soil to exact their revenge.
It may suffer the usual action movie cliches, but it also contains some pleasant surprises as well as some amusing dialogue.
Unfortunately, it may not have done the box office business to merit a sequel, but it does deserve one (as long as it's good, of course).

The cast of The Losers
The cast of The Losers