The Last Seduction


D: John Dahl
ITC/Oakwood (Jonathan Shestack)
US 1994
110 mins
W: Steve Barancik
DP: Jeffrey Jur
Ed: Eric L. Beason
Mus: Joseph Vitarelli
Linda Fiorentino (Bridget Gregory), Peter Berg (Mike Swale), J.T. Walsh (Frank Griffith), Bill Nunn (Harlan), Bill Pullman (Clay Gregory)
It is absolute robbery that Linda Fiorentino was denied an Oscar nomination for best actress for what is amongst the best femme fatale performances of all time. As a cynical seductress who sneers her dialogue with vehement she manipulates her way into a young man's life and gets him to do all her dirty work, all while on the run from her ex-lover, a drug dealer, with a large wad of cash in tow.
Making its debut on cable channels before a brief run in cinemas was enough to see it breach rules for Academy Award consideration. A huge shame, since this was amongst the best films of 1994.
Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction
Linda Fiorentino in The Last Seduction