The Last Picture Show


D: Peter Bogdanovich
Columbia/BBS (Stephen Friedman)
US 1971
118 mins
W: Larry McMurtry & Peter Bogdanovich [based on the novel by Larry McMurtry]
DP: Robert Surtees
Ed: Donn Cambern
PD: Polly Platt
Timothy Bottoms (Sonny Crawford), Jeff Bridges (Duane Jackson), Cybill Shepherd (Jacey Farrow), Ben Johnson (Sam The Lion), Cloris Leachman (Ruth Popper), Ellen Burstyn (Lois Farrow), Eileen Brennan (Genevieve)
Director & co-writer Peter Bogdanovich delivers an excellent coming-of-age tale, playing out like a Dawson's Creek of the 1950's, except the dialogue and acting is much better.
Set in an austere, desolate Texan town over the course of a year it weaves an intricate web of the growth and deterioration of friendships, relationships, community and commerce over the period. All the performances are great, but Ben Johnson & Cloris Leachman steal the show, winning awards for Best Supporting Actor & Supporting Actress, respectively.

The Last Picture Show
The Last Picture Show