Lost in Space

D: Stephen Hopkins
New Line/Prelude/Irwin Allen (Mark W. Koch, Stephen Hopkins, Akiva Goldsman & Carla Fry)
US 1998
131 mins

Science Fiction/Adventure

W: Akiva Goldsman [based on the television series]
DP: Peter Levy
Ed: Ray Lovejoy
Mus: Bruce Broughton
PD: Norman Garwood

William Hurt (Prof. John Robinson), Mimi Rogers (Maureen Robinson), Heather Graham (Judy Robinson), Lacey Chabert (Penny Robinson), Jack Johnson (Will Robinson), Matt LeBlanc (Maj. John West), Gary Oldman (Dr. Zachary Smith)

The original TV series of Lost In Space aired in the late 1950's and was very much a classic of its time, charting the interplanetary adventures of the Robinson Family after their mission around the universe is sabotaged by a camp megalomaniac doctor and the spaceship's robot going beserk.
Aside from the opening act, this big screeen outing had none of the thrills and adventure that made the TV such a treat, instead it wastes time with rubbish CGI effects, pathetic alien pets and a time paradox plot which makes no sense.
The acting isn't much better, with Matt LeBlanc bringing the same character he played on the set of the TV show Friends into the mix.
The only saving grace for this is that a planned sequel never materialised. Put it in a shuttle and send it to the far end of the galaxy, never to be watched again.

The cast of Lost in Space
The cast of Lost in Space