Face your future. Fight your past.
Face your future. Fight your past.
D: Rian Johnson
Columbia Tristar/Endgame (Ram Bergman & James D. Stern)
US 2012
118 mins
Action/Thriller/Science Fiction
W: Rian Johnson
DP: Steve Yedlin
Ed: Bob Ducsay
Mus: Nathan Johnson
Bruce Willis (Old Joe), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Young Joe), Emily Blunt (Sara), Paul Dano (Young Seth), Noah Segan (Kid Blue), Piper Perabo (Suzie), Jeff Daniels (Jack Abe Mitchell)
An intelligent, thought-provoking thriller which deals with the concept of time travel and paradoxes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a 'looper', a hitman who executes people sent back in time from the future. Bruce Willis plays the same hitman, travelling back in time to correct a wrong.  The plot is actually a lot less complicated when you watch the movie and the performances of Gordon-Levitt, Willis, Emily Blunt & Jeff Daniels are all top notch, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt who never fails to convince that he's Willis' younger self, especially with the aid of some excellent makeup techniques.
This is probably the best movie of its kind I've seen since 12 Monkeys (qv) way back in 1995 (Ironically, this also starred Bruce Willis).
A very entertaining slice of sci-fi.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper
Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Looper