Logan's Run

D: Michael Anderson
MGM (Saul David)
US 1976
118 mins

Science Fiction

W: David Zelag Goodman [based on the novel by William F. Nolan]
DP: Ernest Laszlo
Ed: Bob Wyman
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Dale Hennesy

Michael York (Logan 5), Richard Jordan (Francis 7), Jenny Agutter (Jessica 6), Roscoe Lee Browne (Box), Farrah Fawcett (Holly 13), Peter Ustinov (The Old Man)

In a future dystopian society, a couple attempt to escape from their fate, in which the powers that be doom the population to be put to death when they turn the age of 30.
The production values & visual effects of this science fiction classic may have dated rather badly, but the story is still of a very high quality, inspiring many modern science fiction films in the same way more seasoned novels like 1984 & Brave New World have.
It pains me to say it, but Logan's Run is a story which could benefit from a remake, of which there have been several unsuccessful attempts and a short-lived television series.

Logan's Run
Logan's Run