LOCKE (15)

D: Steven Wright

Lionsgate/Shoebox/IM Global (Guy Heeley & Paul Webster)

UK/US 2013 (released 2014)

85 mins


W: Steven Knight

DP: Haris Zambarloukos

Ed: Justine Wright

Mus: Dickon Hinchcliffe

Tom Hardy (Ivan Locke), Olivia Colman (voice of Bethan Maguire), Ruth Wilson (voice of Katrina Locke), Tom Holland (voice of Eddie Locke)

Locke is a very noble attempt at a chamber play, set in one continuous location throughout its running time with a solo actor's performance carrying the entire film.

Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, a construction worker who makes a car journey from Birmingham to London on the eve of an important business deal. Along the course of the journey, he has various phone conversations with co-workers and his family as well as a woman who he once had a one-night stand with and it subsequently emerges that the reason for the sudden trip is to be with her as she gives birth to their child.

Though the material would make a much better fit as a stage play, it does work incredibly well on the screen, mainly because of Tom Harry's excellent performance.


Tom Hardy in Locke
Tom Hardy in Locke