Local Hero


D: Bill Forsyth
Enigma/Goldcrest (David Puttnam)
UK 1983
111 mins
W: Bill Forsyth
DP: Chris Menges 
Ed: Michael Bradsell
Mus: Mark Knopfler
Burt Lancaster (Happer), Peter Riegert (Mac), Fulton Mackay (Ben), Denis Lawson (Urquhart), Norman Chancer (Moritz), Peter Capaldi (Oldsen)
Akin to the style of Ealing comedies, Burt Lancaster is an American executive sent to a rural Scottish village to arrange the building of a new refinery.
The film lacks enough funny moments for it's length, but does have one particularly classic moment which has stood the test of time. 
The film found itself most successful in Scotland & the North of England, especially Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who have adopted Mark Knopfler's music theme as their city's unofficial anthem.

Local Hero
Local Hero