Little Big Man

D: Arthur Penn
National General (Stuart Millar)
US 1970
147 mins


W: Calder Willingham [based on the novel by Thomas Berger]
DP: Harry Stradling, Jr.
Ed: Dede Allen
Mus: John Hammond
PD: Dean Tavoularis
Cos: Dorothy Jeakins

Dustin Hoffman (Jack Crabb), Faye Dunaway (Mrs. Pendrake), Martin Balsam (Allardyce T. Merriweather), Richard Mulligan (Gen. George Custer), Chief Dan George (Old Lodge Skins), Jeff Corey (Wild Bill Hickok)

A 120-year-old man recounts over his life's adventures, being raised by Native American Indians and fighting with General Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn.
Though far from Hoffman's best performance and vast amount of the film feeling throwaway, this western drama has some good moments, especially in the scenes involving Chief Dan George, easily the best performance on show.
The length of the film is quite excessive, but it really is a wild tale.

Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man
Dustin Hoffman in Little Big Man