Everything is possible when you open your mind
Everything is possible when you open your mind
D: Neil Burger
Relativity Media/Virgin/Rogue/Many Rivers (Leslie Dixon, Ryan Kavanaugh & Scott Kroopf)
US 2011
104 mins
W: Leslie Dixon [based on the book "The Dark Fields" by Alan Glynn]
DP: Jo Willems
Ed: Tracy Adams & Naomi Geraghty
Mus: Paul Leonard Morgan

Bradley Cooper (Eddie Morra), Abbie Cornish (Lindy), Robert DeNiro (Carl Van Lion), Anna Friel (Melissa Gant), Johnny Whitworth (Vernon Gant)
Limitless has a great concept but there was definitely something missing from this. In the hands of Philip K. Dick it could have been a great science fiction concept, as is, it's a decent thriller which could have been much better. 
Bradley Cooper plays a prospective writer whose life is stuck in financial and publishing limbo. He meets up with a successful colleague who attributes his fortunes to an experimental drug which expanded his intelligence. Cooper becomes hooked on the drug, completing his book and becoming a millionaire by studying the stock market. Unfortunately for him, the drug comes with side effects, including a horde of Eastern European gangsters who want the product.
The problems are that it's a little too predictable for something claiming to be intelligent, Bradley Cooper is far too smarmy to evoke any sympathy for his lead character and the last 15 minutes lack any moral conviction, seemingly pushing forth the idea that it's okay to take drugs if you can get away with it.

Bradley Cooper in Limitless
Bradley Cooper in Limitless