LENNY (18)

D: Bob Fosse
United Artists (Marvin Worth)
US 1974
111 mins
W: Julian Barry [based on his play]
DP: Bruce Surtees
Ed: Alan Heim
Mus: Ralph Burns

Dustin Hoffman (Lenny Bruce), Valerie Perrine (Honey Bruce), Jan Miner (Sally Marr), Shirley Beck (Artie Silver), Gary Morton (Sherman Hart), Rashel Novikoff (Aunt Mema), Guy Rennie (Jack Goldstein)
Dustin Hoffman delivers a fantastic performance as controversial comedian, Lenny Bruce, whose acts, which concentrated more on social commentary than actual comedy, frequently found himself on the wrong side of legality for the times.
Bob Fosse's film comes with the director's usual style of juxtaposing show business with more dramatic moments, presenting a faithful biopic of one of the key figures of the late 1950's, whose work contributed to the freedom of speech act as well as civil rights issues.
Dustin Hoffman in Lenny
Dustin Hoffman in Lenny