D: Otto Preminger
20th Century Fox (Otto Preminger)
US 1944
88 mins


W: Jay Dratler, Samuel Hoffenstein & Betty Reinhardt [based on the novel by Vera Caspary]
DP: Joseph LaSchelle
Ed: Louis Loeffler
Mus: David Raksin
PD: Lyle Wheeler & Leland Fuller

Dana Andrews (Mark McPherson), Gene Tierney (Laura Hunt), Clifton Webb (Waldo Lydecker), Vincent Price (Shelby Carpenter), Judith Anderson (Ann Treadwell), Dorothy Adams (Bessie Clary), James Flavin (McAvity), Clyde Fillmore (Bullitt), Ralph Dunn (Fred Callahan)

A beautiful woman is murdered (or is she?) and a cynical detective investigates, becoming infatuated with her through a portrait of her on the wall of her apartment.
Otto Preminger's film follows all of the golden rules which made film noir such a stylish genre. Atmospheric photography, an eerie music score, a genius screenplay and, above all, a collection of fine performances. The film heralded a more grown up approach to mysteries rather than the cloak-and-dagger, in the shadows tales which preceded it. A true movie classic.