D: Michael Rae
Irwin Yablans (Charles Band)
US 1978
80 mins

Science Fiction

W: Frank Ray Pirelli & Franne Schacht
DP: Terry Bowen
Ed: Jodie Copelan
Mus: Richard Band & Joel Goldsmith

Kim Milford (Billy Duncan), Cheryl Smith (Kathy Farley), Gianni Russo (Tony Craig), Roddy McDowell (Dr. Mellon), Keenan Wynn (Col. Farley)

Pathetically bad B-movie dross about a teenager who discovers a space age laser weapon in the desert and goes on a killing spree.
So poorly made, it's almost impossible to watch due to cheap film stock and laughably bad special effects.
This is one sci-fi which the producers should have left in a black hole.