D: Richard Donner
Warner Bros. (Richard Donner & Lauren Shuler)
US 1985
121 mins


W: Edward Khmara, Michael Thomas & Tom Mankiewicz
DP: Vittorio Storaro
Ed: Stuart Baird
Mus: Andrew Powell
PD: Wolf Kroeger

Matthew Broderick (Philippe Gaston), Rutger Hauer (Capt. Etienne of Navarre), Michelle Pfeiffer (Isabeau of Anjou), Leo McKern (Imperius), John Wood (Bishop of Aquila), Ken Hutchison (Marquet), Alfred Molina (Cezar)

A rather unique fantasy adventure from the mid 1980's and the director of Superman & the Lethal Weapon movies.
Rutger Hauer & Michelle Pfeiffer play two lovers separated by a tragic curse which make her a hawk by day and him a wolf by night. Though inseparable, they can never be together as their true selves.
With the help of a petty thief (Matthew Broderick) they try to get the curse lifted.
The film itself is enjoyable, but not particularly memorable, but considering that during the 1980's there was a deluge of fantasy movies which scaled from iconically cheesy to damned awful, this wasn't a bad effort, although the electronic music score from Andrew Powell feels badly out of place.

Matthew Broderick in Ladyhawke
Matthew Broderick in Ladyhawke