Lady Sings the Blues

D: Sidney J. Furie
Paramount/Motown (Jay Weston & James S. White)
US 1972
144 mins


W: Terence McCloy, Chris Clark & Suzanne de Passe
DP: John Alonzo 
Ed: Argyle Nelson
Mus: Michel Legrand; Gil Askey
PD: Carl Anderson
Cos: Bob Mackie, Ray Aghayan & Norma Koch

Diana Ross (Billie Holliday), Billy Dee Williams (Louis McKay), Richard Pryor (Piano Man), James Callahan (Reg Hanley), Sid Melton (Jerry)

Diana Ross shines in her film debut as Billie Holiday in this warts-and-all biopic of the jazz & blues singer, whose promising career diminished following her descent into drug abuse, alcoholism and a disastrous private life.
The film perfectly captures the era with good attention to period detail, but the real reason to watch is for the dazzling performance from Diana Ross as the incomparable songstress.

Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues
Diana Ross in Lady Sings the Blues