La Haine

LA HAINE (aka HATE) (18)
D: Mathieu Kassovitz
Metro Tartan/Lazennec/Canal (Christopher Rossignon)
France 1995
97 mins
W: Mathieu Kassovitz
DP: Pierre Aïm
Ed: Mathieu Kassovitz & Scott Stevenson
Vincent Cassel (Vinz), Hubert Kounde (Hubert), Saïd Taghmaoui (Saïd)
A bleak but captivating and powerful piece of world cinema utilising a documentary style to present a day in the life of three yobs following a riot in their housing estate in a downtrodden Paris suburb.
Three good performances carry this movie, especially Vincent Cassel as the most vengeful of the trio. It's a very stark film, but incredibly realistic and very well directed, though it may not be the most entertaining advert for world cinema.

Vincent Cassel in La Haine
Vincent Cassel in La Haine