A Little Romance


D: George Roy Hill
Warner Bros./Orion (Patrick Kelley)
US 1979
108 mins
W: Allan Burns [based on the novel "E=MC2 Mon Amour" by Patrick Cauvin]
DP: Pierre William Glenn
Ed: William Reynolds
Mus: Georges Delerue
Diane Lane (Lauren King), Thelonious Bernard (Daniel Michon), Laurence Olivier (Julius Edmund Santorin)
A sweet juvenile love story about a teenage girl living in Paris with her father who runs away with a French teenager so their stern parents don't put skids on the relationship. Laurence Olivier pops up in a supporting role with a delightfully hammy performance which steals the limelight from the two young stars.
Enjoyable, albeit rather forgettable, but still a better love story than most.

Diane Lane & Thelonious Bernard in A Little Romance
Diane Lane & Thelonious Bernard in A Little Romance