The Krays

Bonded by blood
Bonded by blood


D: Peter Medak
Rank/Parkfield (Dominic Anciano & Ray Burdis)
UK 1990
119 mins


W: Philip Ridley
DP: Alex Thomson
Ed: Martin Walsh
Mus: Michael Kamen

Gary Kemp (Ronnie Kray), Martin Kemp (Reggie Kray), Billie Whitelaw(Violet Kray), Susan Fleetwood (Rose), Charlotte Cornwell (May), Jimmy Jewel (Cannonball Lee), Kate Hardie (Frances)

Made with the coorporation of the real-life Kray twins, this feels more like an episode of a soap opera than a biopic of England's most infamous criminal duo. 
The film focuses on the life of the twins, played by Spandau Ballet's Gary & Martin Kemp, as they grow up in a mother-dominated household in London's East End. Though violent moments are directed in an unflinching manner, the film edges closer and closer to glamorising the gangsters and their culture as the film progresses.
The screenplay could have presented a less bias portrayal, but there's no complaints about the acting, especially from Billie Whitelaw as the twins' mother.
Gary Kemp & Martin Kemp in The Krays
Gary Kemp & Martin Kemp in The Krays