D: Masaki Kobayashi
Toho/Ninjin Club/Bungei (Shigeru Wakatusi)     
Japan 1964 (released 1965)
125 mins


W: Yoko Mizuki [based on the stories of Lafcadio Hearn]
DP: Yoshio Miyajima
Mus: Toru Takemitsu
PD: Shigemasa Toda

Rentaro Mikuni (Samurai), Michiyo Aratama (1st Wife), Misako Watanabe (2nd Wife), Katsuo Nakamura (Hoichi), Ganjiro Nakamura (Head Priest), Takashi Shimura (Priest), Joichi Hayashi (Yoshitsune) Ganemon Nakamura (Kannai)

A collection of four Japanese ghost stories, told in a very traditional way, beautifully filmed and far more haunting than they are "scary". 
Each tale has its own individual style and while all are beautifully filmed, directed and produced, it's probably the chapter 'The Woman In The Snow' which is the most memorable.
Hollywood certainly took note, with a couple of the stories dressed up for remakes (the most notable in the 1991 horror anthology "Tales From The Darkside").