Kindergarten Cop

Go ahead, you tell him you didn't do your homework
Go ahead, you tell him you didn't do your homework


D: Ivan Reitman
Universal (Brian Grazer & Ivan Reitman)
US 1990
110 mins
W: Murray Salem, Herschel Weingrod & Timothy Harris
DP: Michael Chapman
Ed: Sheldon Kahn & Wendy Bricmont
Mus: Randy Edelman
PD: Bruno Rubeo 

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Det. John Kimble), Penelope Ann Miller (Joyce Palmieri / Rachel Myatt Crisp), Pamela Reed (Det. Phoebe O'Hara), Linda Hunt (Miss Schlwoski), Christian Cousins / Joseph Cousins (Dominic Palmieri / Cullen Crisp, Jr.), Richard Tyson (Cullen Crisp), Carroll Baker (Eleanor Crisp)
Following the success of 1988's twins, Arnie once again tests the water of comedy and arguably delivers his best performance in the genre. As detective Richard Kimble, he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to flush out the former wife of a drug dealer.
While Twins played off the gimmick of pairing Schwarzenegger with Danny DeVito for it's laughs, this film concentrates a lot more on characterisation, as well as a decent story which includes a little romance and some action. Penelope Ann Miller gives a good performance as Arnie's love interest but the film is stolen by supporting actresses Pamela Reed as Schwarzenegger's partner and Linda Hunt as the school's principal.

Kindergarten Cop
Kindergarten Cop