Kelly's Heroes


D: Brian G. Hutton
MGM (Gabriel Kotzka & Sidney Beckerman) 
US/Yugoslavia 1970
143 mins


W: Troy Kennedy Martin
DP: Gabriel Figueroa
Ed: John Jympson
Mus: Lalo Schifrin

Clint Eastwood (Pvt. Kelly), Telly Savalas (Big Joe), Don Rickles (Crapgame), Donald Sutherland (Oddball), Carroll O'Connor (General Colt)

The plot from The Italian Job (qv) is relocated to World War II, where an American platoon abduct a German General and discover the whereabouts of hidden gold.
A perfectly enjoyable "old man's war movie", dated now, but still palatable for bank holiday viewing.

Kelly's Heroes
Kelly's Heroes