Keith Lemon

Oosh! Bang tidy
Oosh! Bang tidy


D: Paul Angunawela
Lions Gate (Aidan Elliott & Mark Huffam)
UK 2012
85 mins
W: Leigh Francis & Paul Angunawela
DP: Julian Court
Ed: Peter Boyle
Leigh Francis (Keith Lemon / various characters), Kelly Brook (herself), Verne Troyer (Archimedes), Kevin Bishop (Dougie), Laura Aikman (Rosie)
Like Sacha Baron Cohen, Leigh Francis is a British comedian who has built an entire career on playing different characters, all of which are fundamentally an exaggeration of his own personality, and though his humour can border on puerile, he's amassed a vast legion of fans during his spell in the limelight, mostly due to his caricatures on the TV show "Bo Selecta" and more recently as foul-mouthed panel show host, Keith Lemon.
Unfortunately, hard-bitten fans will find it difficult to extract any enjoyment from this film, which is a miserable excuse at an attempt for comedy and serves only as an ego project for its star.
The threadbare plot concerns a loser who, desperate for fame, creates a new model for a smartphone and becomes an overnight success, then lives the high life of eating in expensive restaurants and dating Kelly Brook. The plot may not seem so stupid if the jokes weren't jaw-droppingly bad, but they are. This pathetic excuse for a comedy is a lemon.
Keith Lemon: The Film
Keith Lemon: The Film