Kangeroo Jack

D: David McNally
Warner Bros./Castle Rock (Jerry Bruckheimer)
US 2003
89 mins


W: Steve Bing & Scott Rosenberg
DP: Peter Menzies, Jr.
Ed: John Murray & William Goldenberg
Mus: Trevor Rabin

Jerry O'Connell (Charlie Carbone), Anthony Anderson (Louis Booker), Estella Warren (Jessie), Michael Shannon (Frankie), Christopher Walken (Salvatore Maggio)

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, best known for brainless action movies has a rare foray into brainless comedy and slapstick for this no-brainer trash, too stupid for adults and unsuitable for young kids.
A pair of petty crooks from Brooklyn chase a kangaroo that's stolen a package meant for a gangster around the Australian desert. The kangaroo just so happens to be smarter than the hapless pair.
At the turn of the new millennium, Jerry O'Connell seemed to be the only member of the "Stand By Me" quartet still making movies, but he can't be too proud of that- every single one of them was a pile of excrement!

Kangaroo Jack
Kangaroo Jack