D: Dominic Sena
Rank/Propaganda/Polygram/Viacom (Tim Clawson)
US 1993
118 mins
W: Tim Metcalfe
DP: Bojan Bazelli
Ed: Martin Hunter
Mus: Carter Burwell
PD: Michael White
Brad Pitt (Early Grayce), Juliette Lewis (Adele Corners), David Duchovny (Brian Kessler), Michelle Forbes (Carrie Laughlin)
A couple driving across America to document and photograph sites of famous murders pick up a hitch-hiking couple, unaware that the male of the couple is a serial killer.
A dark twist on a road movie, intended to boost the career prospects of David Duchovny following the popularity of The X-Files, but it only really served Brad Pitt's career, truly menacing as a psychotic murderous drifter.
Entertaining for its duration but it's a forgotten film of the 1990's, fading away following the emergence of better variations on the same theme.
Brad Pitt in Kalifornia
Brad Pitt in Kalifornia