K-9 (12)
D: Rod Daniel
Universal/The Gordon Company (Lawrence Gordon & Charles Gordon)
US 1989
95 mins
W: Steven Siegel & Scott Myers
DP: Dean Semler
Ed: Lois Freeman-Fox
Mus: Miles Goodman
James Belushi (Det. Michael Dooley), Mel Harris (Tracy), Kevin Tighe (Lyman), Ed O'Neill (Sgt. Brannigan), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Benny the Mule)
Along with Turner & Hooch, this was one of two cop-dog buddy pictures which came out in the late 1980's. Belushi plays an unconventional narcotics detective who gets an Alsatian as his partner to solve a drug operation.  The comedy is in fits and starts but it's enjoyable for a few of Belushi's dead pan one-liners and afantastic animal performances from the multiple German Shepherd dogs who played Jerry Lee.
A guilty pleasure movie, but by no means a classic. 
Two sequels followed, "K-911" and "K-9:PI", neither of which were particularly good.
James Belushi & Jerry Lee in K-9
James Belushi & Jerry Lee in K-9