Jules & Jim

D: François Truffaut
Carrosse/SEDIF (Marcel Berbert)
France 1962
105 mins


W: François Truffaut & Jean Gruault [based on the novel by Henri-Pierre Roche]
DP: Raoul Coutard
Ed: Claudine Bouché
Mus: Georges Delerue

Jeanne Moreau (Catherine), Oskar Werner (Jules), Henri Serre (Jim)

Classic French romance about a love triangle which begins before World War I between a Parisian girl and a French & German, continuing after the war and ultimately ending in tragedy.  The trifecta of performances are all fantastic, especially Jeanne Moreau who really should have earned an Oscar nomination for her performance (at least BAFTA honoured her).
One of the most famous of the "New Wave" films which emerged following A Bout De Soufflé (qv). The three main performances are excellent and it's very well directed and written by François Truffaut. A European cinema classic of the 1960's.

Jules & Jim
Jules & Jim