Judge Dredd

In the future, one man is the law
In the future, one man is the law
D: Danny Cannon
Guild/Cinergi (Charles M. Lippincott & Beau E. L. Marks)
US 1995
96 mins

Science Fiction/Action/Crime

W: William Wisher & Steven E. de Souza [based on characters created by John Wagner & Carlos Ezquerra]
DP: Adrian Biddle
Ed: Alex Mackie & Harry Keramidas
Mus: Alan Silvestri
PD: Nigel Phelps

Sylvester Stallone (Judge Joseph Dredd), Armand Assante (Rico Dredd), Diane Lane (Judge Hershey), Rob Schneider (Fergee), Joan Chen (Dr. Ilsa Hayden), Jürgen Prochnow (Judge Griffin), Max Von Sydow (Chief Justice Fargo)

Comic book blasphemy is committed here. Around the globe audible groans were heard in cinema auditoriums the very moment that the Judge (who remains anonymous in the original comic strip) lifts his helmet to reveal the gormless Sylvester Stallone, yelling "I didn't break duh law. I am duh law." as his sole defence when he is accused of murder.
Sentenced to prison, the vessel transporting him crashes in the desert and Dredd makes his way back to Mega City One to clear his name and get his revenge on those who framed him. Of course, this is too big a task for one man alone, even if he is a futuristic law enforcement official, so he's blessed with the companionship of Rod Schneider's "comic" relief.
Perhaps it can be argued that such scandalous liberties were taken with the comic book character to appeal to a more mainstream audience, but it doesn't make it right. Even Batman & Robin (qv) was more faithful to its source.
A remake emerged in 2012, simply titled "Dredd". Watch that version and avoid this tripe.

Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd
Sylvester Stallone in Judge Dredd