Jack the Giant Killer

D: Nathan Juran
Zenith (Robert E. Kent)
US 1962
94 mins


W: Orville Hampton & Nathan Juran
DP: David S. Horsley
Ed: Grant Whytock
Mus: Paul Sawtell & Bert Shefter
PD: Fernando Carrere & Frank McCoy

Kerwin Matthews (Jack), Judi Matthews (Princess Elaine), Torin Thatcher (Pendragon), Don Beddoe (Imp), Walter Burke (Garna), Barry Kelley (Sigurd)

It's unfortunate that many of the production elements have dated over time and though the cinematography, production design, makeup and special effects look ancient by modern standards, the story still feels fresh after 50 years.
Reuniting much of the cast and crew from the original Sinbad films, this fantasy-adventure sees the Princess of Cornwall is kidnapped by an evil wizard, who possesses her with a demon. Jack, a farmer who saved her from a dragon, sets out on a quest to help her, aided by the magic of a leprechaun who lives in a bottle.  
For its time, the special effects are outstanding, and the style of the film, much like a Hammer Horror production, provides some moments which might have been a little too scary for young children of the early 1960's.
It probably deserves a remake, although Hollywood would probably ruin it. (n.b. The 2013 film titled Jack The Giant Slayer is not a remake of this, but rather a reworking of the Jack & The Beanstalk fairy tale)

Jack the Giant Killer
Jack the Giant Killer