The Iron Lady

D: Phyllida Lloyd
20th Century Fox/Pathé/UK Film Council/Yuk/Canal+/Goldcrest (Damian Jones)
UK 2011
104 mins


W: Abi Morgan
DP: Elliott Davis
Ed: Justin Wright
Mus: Thomas Newman

Meryl Streep (Margaret Thatcher), Jim Broadbent (Denis Thatcher), Anthony Head (Sir Geoffrey Howe), Richard E. Grant (Michael Heseltine), Iain Glen (Alfred Roberts), Olivia Colman (Carol Thatcher)

There's no denying that Meryl Streep delivers an excellence performance as Margaret Thatcher in this biopic of the former UK prime minister, however the narrative & the screenplay and Phyllida Lloyd's colour-by-numbers direction weaken the movie as if can't decide if it wants to ride on the coattails of recent movies The Queen or A Beautiful Mind. It's a little bit of both.
Personally, I'd have found it much more fun if Iron Man & the rest of the Marvel Avengers were in it.
Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady
Meryl Streep in The Iron Lady