The Invasion

D: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Warner Bros. (Joel Silver)
US 2007
99 mins

Science Fiction

W: Daniel Kajhanich [based on the novel "The Body Snatchers" by Jack Finney]
DP: Rainer Klausmann
Ed: Hans Funck & Joel Negron
Mus: John Ottman
PD: Jack Fisk

Nicole Kidman (Carol Bennell), Daniel Craig (Ben Driscoll), Jeremy Northam (Tucker Kaufman), Jackson Bond (Oliver), Jeffrey Wright (Stephen Galeano), Veronica Cartwright (Wendy Lenk)

Pathetic remake of Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (qv) with performances which are so inept that all the characters may as well be emotionless zombies. Ha ha! See what I did there? In all honesty, it's clear that the cast members here just did one for the money and no investment or effort was put in by a single person, including the director, screenwriter or crew.
The 1955 and 1978 versions already perfected the idea, this is purely an example of shambolic money-grabbing lazy filmmaking. Even the 1993 MTV version (The Body Snatchers) was better than this!

Nicole Kidman in The Invasion
Nicole Kidman in The Invasion