The Informers

D: Gregor Jordan
Senator (Marco Webber)
US 2008 (released 2009)
98 mins


W: Brett Easton Ellis & Nicholas Jarecki [based on the novel by Brett Easton Ellis]
DP: Petra KornerĀ 
Ed: Robert Brakey
Mus: Christopher Young

Billy Bob Thornton (William Sloan), Kim Basinger (Laura Sloan), Winona Ryder (Cheryl Moore), Mickey Rourke (Peter), Brad Renfro (Jack), Amber Heard (Christie)

A collection of Brett Easton Ellis' short stories is brought to the screen in a compendium which is closer to Southland Tales than it is to Short Cuts.
Set in 1980's Los Angeles, it follows a group of alienated characters and their issues with casual sex, alcohol and drug addictions, but in a really boring way.
If you can stay awake through this, you've done very well.

Kim Basinger in The Informers
Kim Basinger in The Informers