The Incredible Shrinking Man

D: Jack Arnold
Universal (Albert Zugsmith)
US 1957
81 mins

Science Fiction

W: Richard Matheson [based on his novel "The Shrinking Man"]
DP: Ellis W. Carter
Ed: Al Joseph
Mus: Hans Salter

Grant Williams (Scott Carey), Randy Stuart (Louise Carey), April Kent (Clarice), Paul Langton (Charlie Carey)

After being exposed to a strange radioactive gas, a man shrinks gradually and inexorably to microscopic size.
The special effects feel dated by today's standards but can still be considered groundbreaking for the time.
The science fiction element of the story is well handed and the film treats us to an ending which Hollywood isn't brave enough to deliver in recent years. Based on the novel by Richard Matheson.

The Incredible Shrinking Man
The Incredible Shrinking Man