The Ice Storm

It was 1973, and the climate was changing
It was 1973, and the climate was changing
D: Ang Lee
Fox Searchlight/Good Machine (Ted Hope, James Schamus & Ang Lee)
US 1997
113 mins


W: James Schamus [based on the novel by Rick Moody]
DP: Frederick Elmes
Ed: Tim Squyres
Mus: Mychael Danna
PD: Mark Friedburg

Kevin Kline (Ben Hood), Joan Allen (Elena Hood), Henry Czerny (George Clair), Adam Hann-Byrd (Sandy Carver), Tobey Maguire (Paul Hood), Christina Ricci (Wendy Hood), Elijah Wood (Mikey Carvey), Jamey Sheridan (Jim Carver), Sigourney Weaver (Janey Carver)

1970's-set soap opera set involving the lives & infidelities of middle class New England families, Kevin Kline and Joan Allen are an (unhappily) married couple, Allen is unaware that Kline is nipping next-door for a quick bonk with Sigourney Weaver, meanwhile, their kids (Elijah Wood, Christina Ricci) are experiencing their own sexual awakening.
The Ice Storm is modesty directed and very well written, with an ensemble of good performances, though Sigourney Weaver is arguably the standout, although Ricci comes close second. 

The cast of The Ice Storm
The cast of The Ice Storm