D: Gaspar Noé
Metro Tartan/Nord-Ouest/Eskwad/Canal (Daniel Rossignon & Richard Grandpierre)
France 2002
97 mins


W: Gaspar Noé
DP: Gaspar Noé
Ed: Gaspar Noé
Mus: Thomas Bangalter

Monica Bellucci (Alex), Vincent Cassel (Marcus), Albert Dupontel (Pierre), Jo Prestia (Le Tenia)

Gaspar Noé's controversial film is an incredibly difficult watch, and not just because it's narrative is told in reverse. 
The film begins with two men searching underground Paris nightclubs in search for a man named La Tenia, before delivering a revenge so sadistic, you'd be forgiven for not watching on.
The revenge delivered is justice for a rape attack on one of the men's girlfriend's, a beautiful woman whose only crime was to walk alone down a Parisian subway. 
The rape scene itself is shown in full, elongated horror and though it may only last 10 minutes, it seems a lot longer as the woman is subjected to the heinous attack.
It could be deemed ironic that following these two scenes of such grotesque violence, the film ends with a rather beautiful ending, since the end is actually the beginning.
Worth sticking with if you can take it, despite the fact that it will most likely make you dry heave.