Into the Wild

D: Sean Penn
Paramount Vantage (Sean Penn, Art Linson & Bill Pohlad)
US 2007
147 mins


W: Sean Penn [based on the novel by John Krakauer]
DP: Eric Gautier
Ed: Jay Cassidy
Mus: Michael Brook, Kaki King & Eddie Vedder

Emile Hirsch (Chris McCandless), Marcia Gay Harden (Billie McCandless), William Hurt (Walt McCandless), Jena Malone (Carine McCandless), Catherine Keener (Jan Burres), Vince Vaughan (Wayne Westerberg), Kristen Stewart (Tracy Tatro), Hal Holbrook (Ron Franz)    

I've always thought Sean Penn was a great actor and this movie also proves his talents as a director. 
It's a story of a college graduate who loses faith in 20th century society and voyages out into the wilderness of America and journeys to Alaska to live free and open to the elements.
Kristen Stewart pops along about two-thirds through the movie and almost had me reaching for the fast forward button but thankfully her scenes are mercifully small.
One criticism would most certainly be the film's length, it could easily have had a half-hour pared off, nevertheless it's a poignant love letter to a hippy-style culture with some good performances, especially Hal Holbrook in his twilight years. A great soundtrack must be mentioned too, with original songs penned by Eddie Vedder (of Pearl Jam fame).

Emile Hirsch In Into the Wild
Emile Hirsch In Into the Wild