Indecent Proposal

A husband. A wife. A billionaire. A proposal.
A husband. A wife. A billionaire. A proposal.
D: Adrian Lyne
Paramount (Sherry Lansing)
US 1993
118 mins


W: Amy Holden Jones [based on the novel by Jack Englehard]
DP: Howard Atherton
Ed: Joe Hutshing
Mus: John Barry
PD: Mel Bourne

Robert Redford (John Gage), Demi Moore (Diana Murphy), Woody Harrelson (David Murphy), Seymour Cassel (Mr. Shackleford), Oliver Platt (Jeremy), Billy Bob Thornton (Day Tripper)

Glossy Hollywood bullshit which attempts to glamourise prostitution and has about as much credibility as a Jackie Collins novel.
Suave, yet creepy billionaire Robert Redford meets married couple Demi Moore & Woody Harrelson and offers a huge wad of money so he can get into her knickers. Classy.
Instead of punching the rich douchebag in the face, they actually consider his offer, justifying it with their own reasons before Moore belittles herself with the chance to make a cool million for one night of sex.
There's absolutely no chemistry between any of the characters and the acting is soap opera standard. Honeymoon In Vegas (qv) tackled a similar idea the previous year, but treated it as the obvious comedy that it is. This turns it into something cheap and tawdry and fails to explore or explain any issues that it raises. Woody Harrelson comes away from this car crash eliciting some sympathy, but only because his acting career deserved better than this.

Woody Harrelson & Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal
Woody Harrelson & Demi Moore in Indecent Proposal