In Cold Blood

D: Richard Brooks
Columbia (Richard Brooks)
US 1967
134 mins


W: Richard Brooks [based on the novel by Truman Capote]
DP: Conrad L. Hall
Ed: Peter Zinner
Mus: Quincy Jones

Robert Blake (Perry Smith), Scott Wilson (Dick Hickock), John Forsythe (Alvin Dewey), Paul Stewart (Jensen), Gerald S. O'Laughlin (Harold Nye), John Gallaudet (Roy Church), James Flavin (Clarence Duntz), Jeff Corey (Mr. Hickock), Charles McGraw (Mr. Smith)

A chilling true story is brought to the screen with stark realism in this 1967 crime drama.
Based on the classic novel by Truman Capote, it tells of two young hoodlums, one fresh from prison who commit murder over a farmer and his family over the robbery of only $40. 
They try to escape to Mexico but the authorities catch them and they are both sentenced to death by hanging.
Despite it's cold portrayal of the two men, the movie examines the importance of a fair and just legal system, especially considering one of the guilty men had already served time for murder and was given parole only to commit again.

Robert Blake in In Cold Blood
Robert Blake in In Cold Blood