I Lost My Body


D: Jeremy Clapin

Rezo / Xilam (Marc du Pontavice)

France 🇫🇷 2019

81 mins


W: Jeremy Clapin & Guillaume Laurant [based on the novel “Happy Hand” by Guillaume Laurant]

Mus: Dan Levy

Hakim Faris (Naoufel), Victoire du Bois (Gabrielle), Patrick d’Assumçao (Gigi), Hichem Mesbah (The Father), Myriam Loucif (The Mother)

I Lost My Body is an animated feature from France with two seemingly disconnected narratives intercut together as they simultaneously play out.

The initial story follows a severed hand with independent movement, trying to reconnect with its body.

The second story follows a young man called Naoufel who is trying to make his way through life and find romance.

Based on the novel “Happy Hand”, this is more of a visual poetry over a traditional narrative, using an ethereal animation style that is uniquely mesmerising, alongside a dreamlike score that could easily be enjoyed independently.

It may not be as family-friendly as the output that Disney, Pixar and other Hollywood animation studios released in 2019, but this is head and shoulders above them in overall quality and enjoyment.


I Lost My Body
I Lost My Body