I Know Who Killed Me

D: Chris Sivertson 
Tristar (Frank Mancuso, Jr.)
US 2007
105 mins


W: Jeff Hammond
DP: John R. Leonetti
Ed: Lawrence Jordan
Mus: Joel McNeely

Lindsay Lohan (Aubrey Fleming / Dakota Moss), Julia Ormond (Susan Fleming), Neal McDonough (Daniel Fleming), Brian Geraghty (Jerrod Pointer)

I know what killed Lindsay Lohan's career. This pathetic excuse for a psychological horror, where her attempts to move away from her teeny-bopper roles into something more sultry can only be met with ridiculing laughter.
A good horror film can be blessed with either an intelligent screenplay, an air of mystery or convincing performances, in fact, the very best can possess all three.
Some however, have none of these attributes and Chris Sivertson's movie fits into this notorious category.
Pairing Lohan with a goreporn formula which had already been done in abundance with the Saw films proved a mistake which audiences stayed away from and critics rightfully panned. The whole movie has even less credibility than a celebrity sex tape.

Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me
Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me