The Hidden

A new breed of criminal
A new breed of criminal
D: Jack Sholder
New Line/Heron (Robert Shaye, Gerald T. Olson & Michael Meltzer)
US 1987
96 mins

Science Fiction/Horror/Thriller

W: Bob Hunt
DP: Jacques Haitkin
Ed: Michael Knue
Mus: Michael Convertino

Michael Nouri (Tom Beck), Kyle MacLachlan (Lloyd Gallagher), Ed O'Ross (Cliff Willis), Clu Gulager (Ed Flynn), Claudia Christian (Brenda Lee), Clarence Felder (John Masterson)

An alien organism travels between human hosts to prevent being identified and caught as it goes on a crime spree, driving fast cars and listening to loud rock music. A bounty hunter and an FBI agent keep on the chase and attempt to catch it before it possesses it's next human victim.
This 1987 B-movie is much better than its plot would suggest with some very decent visual effects considering the age and budget of the production. Unfortunately, it hasn't dated particularly well, but is still quite entertaining.
Kyle MacLachlan in The Hidden
Kyle MacLachlan in The Hidden