The Haunting Of Sharon Tate


D: Daniel Farrands

Saban/Voltage/Skyline/Green Light/1428/ETA (Daniel Farrands, Lucas Jarach & Eric Brenner)

US 2019

94 mins


W: Daniel Farrands

DP: Carlo Rinaldi

Ed: Dan Riddle

Mus: Fantom

Hilary Duff (Sharon Tate), Jonathan Bennett (Jay Sebring), Lydia Hearst (Abigail Folger), Tyler Johnston (Tex Watson), Ben Mellish (Charles Manson)

2019 saw two films released surrounding the same events regarding Sharon Tate & the Manson family, the first was Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and the second was this piece of shit.

In the days leading up to the infamous murders at Cielo Drive, Sharon Tate (played by the woefully miscast Hilary Duff) has a series of dreams and premonitions where she portents her own murder. Her friends brush this off as pregnancy hormones, but she still tries to delve more into the mysterious omens she's receiving, before the fateful visit by the Manson Family members.

The film concludes with its own version of events, not too dissimilar to what Quentin Tarantino did in his own film, though this is impossible to take seriously due to the amateurish direction, awful script and dreadful performances.


Hilary Duff in The Haunting Of Sharon Tate
Hilary Duff in The Haunting Of Sharon Tate