Hudson Hawk

D: Michael Lehmann
Columbia Tristar (Joel Silver)
US 1991
100 mins
W: Steven E. de Souza & Daniel Waters
DP: Dante Spinotti
Ed: Chris Lebenzon & Michael Tronick
Mus: Michael Kamen & Robert Kraft
PD: Jackson DeGovia
Bruce Willis (Eddie Hawkins), Danny Aiello (Tommy 'Five Tone' Messina), Andie MacDowell (Anna Baragli), James Coburn (George Kaplan), Richard E. Grant (Darwin Mayflower), Sandra Bernhard (Minerva Mayflower)
One of the biggest cinematic turkeys isn't quite as bad as its reputation makes it out to be, but it is by all rights a complete and utter mess. 
Bruce Willis stars as the title character, a cat burglar who is blackmailed into stealing works of art by Leonardo DaVinci by demented villains intent on building an alchemy machine from the artist/inventor's pieces. 
There's plenty of reasons the film got universally panned by critics. Mainly, the story is absolutely ridiculous, which isn't helped by the fact that every single character is portrayed with insanely over the top performances, literally not a single actor plays it straight, and some of the performances are simply embarrassing.
Possibly worth watching for the heist scene in which Bruce Willis & Danny Aiello burst into a rendition of "Swinging On A Star" for no apparent reason... It's about as lowbrow as you can possibly get without resorting to puerile humour.

Hudson Hawk
Hudson Hawk