House of Games

Human nature is a sucker bet
Human nature is a sucker bet
D: David Mamet
Orion/Filmhaus (Michael Hausman)     
US 1987
102 mins
W: David Mamet
DP: Juan Ruiz Anchia
Ed: Trudy Ship
Mus: Alaric Jans
Lindsay Crouse (Dr. Margaret Ford), Joe Mantegna (Mike), Mike Nussbaum (Joey), Lilia Skala (Dr. Littauer), J.T. Walsh (Businessman)
David Mamet has written some great films over his career (The Untouchables, Wag The Dog, Glengarry Glen Ross) and this, his directorial debut, is no exception.
Joe Mantegna, best known for supporting characters gets a rare lead here as a con man whose allure attracts the attentions of psychiatrist/writer Lindsey Crouse and he gets her involved in one big con which lands them both in hot water.
It's a superb performance from Mantegna as he practically carries the film, whilst Mamet's direction almost makes you smell the smoke and liquor of seedy bars and gambling halls.
Lindsey Crouse's wooden acting is the only weak link.

Joe Mantegna & Lindsay Crouse in House of Games
Joe Mantegna & Lindsay Crouse in House of Games