D: Eli Roth
Lions Gate/Screen Gems/Raw Nerve (Mike Fleiss, Eli Roth, Chris Briggs & Quentin Tarantino)
US/Czech Republic 2005
93 mins
W: Eli Roth
DP: Milan Chardma
Ed: George Folsey, Jr.
Mus: Nate Barr
Jay Hernandez (Paxton), Derek Richardson (Josh), Eythor Gudjonssen (Oli), Barbara Nedeljáková (Natalya), Jana Kaderabková (Svetlana)
Gore porn horror following the same template from the Saw films.
American backpackers are lured to a Slovakian torture factory where other tourists pay handsomely for the opportunity to slice people up with flesh-ripping power tools.
Director Eli Roth could almost have got away with this being a satirically-gilded horror movie about crass, xenophobic Americans with no respect for another country's culture getting their just desserts, but unfortunately he opened his mouth and said it's just an excuse to see big tits and lots of bloody violence. What a douchebag!