D: Steven Spielberg
Columbia Tristar/Amblin (Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall & Gerald R. Molen)
US 1991
144 mins


W: Jim V. Hart & Malia Scotch Marmo [based on characters created by J. M. Barrie]
DP: Dean Cundey
Ed: Michael Kahn
Mus: John Williams
PD: Norman Garwood
Cos: Anthony Powell

Robin Williams (Peter Banning / Peter Pan), Dustin Hoffman (Capt. James Hook), Julia Roberts (Tinkerbell), Bob Hoskins (Smee), Maggie Smith (Granny Wendy Darling), Caroline Goodall (Moira Banning), Charlie Korsmo (Jack), Amber Scott (Maggie)

The "Peter Pan of Hollywood" Steven Spielberg does his own take on J. M. Barrie's immortal tale, although it's more of a sequel/re-imagination than what you'll read in the original story's prose.
Robin Williams plays Peter Pan, who is now an adult businessman, married with two kids, and all-in-all, a bit of a misery guts. He returns to England with the family and his children are kidnapped later in the night. Tinkerbell soon visits to whisk Peter Pan back to Neverland where Captain Hook laughs at the notion that his nemesis is now a cowardly adult and gives him time to shape up or risk losing his kids forever.
The film contains some important messages about the power of imagination, family and friendship, but also comes in a rather unhealthy coating of Spielberg-branded syrup. The production design, makeup, costumes and visual effects are all of extremely high quality, but the story itself could have done with a lot of tweaking, especially in the slower paced, mawkish and over-sentimental scenes. All the acting performances are on the periphery of pantomime standard.

Dustin Hoffman & Robin Williams in Hook
Dustin Hoffman & Robin Williams in Hook