Hollow Man

Think you're alone? Think again
Think you're alone? Think again
D: Paul Verhoeven
Columbia (Douglas Wick & Alan Marshall)
US 2000
114 mins
Science Fiction/Horror
W: Andrew W. Marlowe & Gary Scott Thompson
DP: Jost Vacano
Ed: Mark Goldblatt
Mus: Jerry Goldsmith
PD: Allan Cameron
Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Caine), Elisabeth Shue (Linda McKay), Josh Brolin (Matt Kensington), Greg Grunberg (Carter Abbey), Mary Jo Randle (Janice Walton), Kim Dickens (Sarah Kennedy)
Gruesome update of The Invisible Man with some incredibly good visual effects. Kevin Bacon plays a power mad scientist who insists on being the guinea pig in an invisibility experiment. The experiment is a success, but the reversal is a failure. Detained in an underground lab, his behaviour becomes increasingly psychotic and he takes out the rest of his team, the only people who know about his condition.
The film takes certain liberties with the laws of physics, which can easily be ignored for the sake of entertainment, but unfortunately the thriller falls flat in the last few scenes. The filmmakers definitely missed a trick by opting for a formulaic Hollywood ending, especially when a more ambiguous one could have spelt potential for further sequels.

Hollow Man
Hollow Man