He did what he had to do
He did what he had to do
HOFFA (15)
D: Danny DeVito
20th Century Fox/Jersey Films (Edward R. Pressman, Danny DeVito & Caldecot Chubb)
US 1992
140 mins


W: David Mamet
DP: Stephen H. Burum
Ed: Lynzee Klingman & Ronald Roose
Mus: David Newman
PD: Ida Random

Jack Nicholson (Jimmy Hoffa), Danny DeVito (Robert Ciaro), Armand Assante (Carol D'Allesandro), J.T. Walsh (Frank Fitzsimmons), John C. Reilly (Peter Connelly), Kevin Anderson (Robert F. Kennedy)

Dull biopic of Union Leader Jimmy Hoffa, whose disappearance under mysterious circumstances is still unsolved and the subject of much speculation.
David Mamet's screenplay provides one theory for his possible abduction, but the film is very boringly directed by Danny DeVito and the performances aren't the best, although Jack Nicholson is transformed into the real-life character by some clever makeup.
Everything in the film would be better presented as either a documentary or a book. As a feature film, there was simply too much left wanting.

Danny DeVito & Jack Nicholson in Hoffa
Danny DeVito & Jack Nicholson in Hoffa