D: Rick Sloane
American Cinema Marketing (Rick Sloane)
US 1988
92 mins
W: Rick Sloane
DP: Rick Sloane
Ed: Rick Sloane
Mus: Alan DerMarderosian
Tom Bartlett (Kevin), Paige Sullivan (Amy), Steven Boggs (Kyle), Kelley Palmer (Daphne), Billy Frank (Nick)
Following Gremlins, we were treated to Critters, which, sequels aside, wasn't too bad. This was followed with this monstrosity of a horror-comedy about tiny killer creatures.
The pathetic story is about the world's most incompetent night watchman who, despite warning, allows a group of diminutive, furry aliens to escape from a vault of an empty building & it's up to a security guard trainee to kill the creatures before the sun rises. Yawn.
The only thing lamer than the awful puppetry is the quality of the performances, every male actor plays a dickhead and every female plays a slut. It's also clearly obvious that a great deal of the movies consists of stock footage.
It's horrifying to watch, but not in the way you'd like from a horror movie.