Hercules in New York

D: Arthur A. Siedelman
RAF (Audrey Wisberg)
US 1970
91 mins
W: Audrey Wisberg
DP: Leo Libowitz
Ed: Donald Finamore
Mus: John Balamos

Arnold Strong [Arnold Schwarzenegger] (Hercules), Arnold Stang (Pretzie), Deborah Loomis (Helen Camden), James Karen (Prof. Camden), Ernest Graves (Zeus)
Arnold Schwarzenegger's first ever screen performance is one to be expunged from the CV and never spoken of again.
In this dim comedy, Hercules (Schwarzenegger with a dubbed accent) visits modern day New York and becomes involved with gamblers, much to the chagrin of Zeus and the other Greek gods.
It's practically another spin on Tarzan, except it's so terrible that it's really not worth watching. Unless, of course, you really like bad movies.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York
Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York